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Pastissos de Moniato


For the mass:

1/2 glass of high-grade cazalla.
1/2 cup of olive oil.
1/2 kg sugar.
3/4 kg flour.
1 egg.

For the filling:

3/4 kg white sweet potato.
1/4 Kg. Sugar.


For the filling:

Boil sweet potatoes with skin. Peel, remove the pulp and work it hot with the sugar and the pinch of cinnamon to form a paste.

To make the dough:

Put the cazalla and the oil along with the sugar in a saucepan to the fire. Be careful because being the high ranking cazalla, will catch. Then cover with a lid for a few seconds. When some of the alcohol is evaporated and the sugar is dissolved, add the flour. Stir until dough forms. In total, the whole process should take about 20 minutes.

To form pastissos the mass is worked in hot. Spread in round shaped portions (a glass can make mold), on a smooth and oiled surface. Fill with the sweet potato paste and close. Seal the ends by pressing with a fork. Paint with the beaten egg so that after baking it is shiny. Put in the oven, previously heated and cook at a strong temperature 220 ° for 25 minutes.